Murder in the Alps Energy – Unlimited for iOS and Android

To have even more fun and play limitlessly in Murder in the Alps, sooner or later you will need the premium currency “Energy”. That’s why we have a new Murder in the Alps hack, which you can use directly from your iPhone, Samsung, Huawei or any other smartphone.

Here is the hack for Murder in the Alps

Thousands of players swear by the hack instead of spending their real money on this energy over and over again. Problem is, once you see how effective the energy can be in changing the fun of the game, you will want to purchase energy over and over again. There’s no need for that anymore! Just use the Murder in the Alps hack apk and escape this eternal vicious circle!

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You need more energy? Go for it!

If you claim that you don’t need energy in this game, you are simply lying. This virtual currency is mega important in the game and it can decide how long you can play (waiting times!) and how much fun the game is. Nobody wants to waste money over and over again. Forget about all these waiting times and just use the generator. These cheats and hacks work not only for Murder in the Alps, but also for other online and mobile games.

The Murder in the Alps energy hack is an extremely great help for all those who don’t want to keep track of how much energy they have left. With this hack tool you will never have to wait in the game again and you can do whatever you want.

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Available without jailbreak or root

To use the energy generator, you don’t even need a root or jailbreak for your smartphone or tablet. Everything goes without modification, so don’t worry about it. The same goes for the risk. There will be no consequences for using the online generator. Of course, the hack works without a survey and without a cell phone number. We can guarantee that you will get all the power on your device in just three minutes. Thousands of players before you have already used the Murder in the Alps hack, so why not simply, quickly and effectively use the online generator above to give you a huge advantage in the game. It’s all very simple! Try it out right now.

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Description of the game

“Murder in the Alps is a very special game. It is a completely interactive detective story with fantastic game elements. Travel back to the 1930s, solve numerous puzzles and immerse yourself in the authentic atmosphere of that time.

The story takes place in a hotel hidden in one of the most beautiful corners of the Alps. But soon things take a bad turn. The story begins with the disappearance of a guest and soon after strange things start to happen. Anna Meiers, a Zurich journalist who is on vacation at the hotel, sets out to solve the mystery. With each new day, things get more interesting and Anna has to decide which of the ten mysterious guests could be the murderer.

In the course of the game you’ll visit many unique locations, from the lofty heights of the Alps, down to cellars full of blood. Immerse yourself in the gripping gameplay and the thrilling story. Solve tricky puzzles, interact with all the characters and find out which of them is the vicious murderer. Will you solve the case before the killer catches you and everyone else? Do you have the presence of mind to find all the clues? Can you solve the murder in the Alps? There’s only one way to find out, so grab your magnifying glass and detective hat and plunge into this fantastic, movie-like gaming experience!”

Source: Google Play