Dragon Ball Legends – Free Time Crystals and Zenith

You finally want the best fighters, but don’t feel like spending your real money on time crystals? Then you should definitely use the Dragon Ball Legends hack. The generator will bring you not only a lot of free time crystals, but also zenith. This gives you much more freedom in the game, you can level up your fighters or just get new fighters and special fighters!

In our opinion, the Dragon Ball Legends hack apk is a really good alternative for all players who do not want to constantly acquire any virtual currencies. Unfortunately, the gameplay depends heavily on how many time crystals and zenith you have available. The further you are in the game and the better opponents you encounter, the more pressure you are under to get better fighters. That’s where cheats and hacks for DB Legends really help you. But don’t worry, you won’t be banned or anything else.

db legends hack
Get free time crystals with the new DB Legends Hack

Here’s how the Time Crystals Hack works:

  • You just enter your username in the online generator, how many crystals and zenith you want to have, then simply follow the instructions.
  • The hack will NOT connect to your account or smartphone, but only to the game database. Your device or score has nothing to do with it.
  • It will ask for your username so that the generator knows who should get all the time crystals.
  • Gamepals or any other person has no access to your score and we don’t even know your username. Everything is done automatically by the generator. It’s kind of like a program that runs online.

Here’s what to look out for:

  • You don’t need to download or install Dragon Ball Legends hack apk
  • This is not a mod apk for the game
  • Everything works online and you only need to have an internet connection
  • There is absolutely no risk for you
  • No one will find out that you used our cheats
  • Thousands of other players have already used the hack and no one has ever had a problem
  • The game should be closed before you start the time crystals generator
  • It works for iOS and Android
  • Use the hack directly on your PC, iPhone, Samsung, Huawei or other device

What are you waiting for?

Besides the hack for Dragon Ball Legends, we also have many other cheats and hacks for mobile games. Among them are also for Coin Master and for Murder in the Alps. It’s definitely worth checking out, as you can generate some premium currencies for these games as well!

Use DB Legends Hack


There is no risk for you. No ban or anything else. You can quickly and easily generate free time crystals and use them immediately in the game. We wish you much success!

You don’t know the game yet? Here is the description of Dragon Ball Legends!

“This is what the whole world has been waiting for! Here comes the new Dragon Ball smartphone game! High quality gameplay with 3D graphics and fully synchronized battle sequences! Look forward to battles with opponents from all over the world!

Tapping card battle system ・Easy one-finger control! ・Simply tap to unlock combo and special attacks.

Online battles ・Fight battles with players from all over the world in real time! ・Create your own character and defeat other players.

Story based on the original ・Original characters designed by Akira Toriyama! ・Live new adventures with Son-Goku and his friends.”

Source: Google Play Store


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